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Windshield Protection Film

Exoshield Windshield Protection Film

Windshield Protection You Can Rely On!

ExoShield is the leading windshield protection film designed to provide windshield protection from rocks and prevent expensive windshield damage.

  • Made In The USA

Stop Rock Chips In Their Tracks!

ExoShield is a layered film that combines a flexible, shock-absorbing layer with our proprietary nanoceramic coating technology to give you durable protection.

  • Save Your Windshield

Longer Lasting Windshield Protection

Get protection that can keep up with your daily lifestyle. ExoShield is the longest-lasting and most durable windshield protection in the industry and is built to withstand any climate.

  • Built For All Seasons & Climates

Unbeatable Clarity

Visible light transmittance of >90% gives you the protection you need without affecting your visibility or your vehicle's appearance.

Superior Impact Resistance

Stop rock chips in their tracks with a film that gives you at least 6X more impact resistance than glass alone. ‍

Longer Lasting

Windshield protection should save you time, not create a hassle. We built longevity into our technology to give you longer lasting protection.

Interested In Windshield Protection Film?

We’re the experts for you! Look no further than Tint Pros Plus to accomplish your automotive window tinting needs. We are fully licensed and insured.