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Tint Pros Plus Vinyl Wrapping

Tint Pros Plus provides the highest quality vinyl wrapping services in New England. Are you looking to modify the appearance of your vehicle or prized item without making permanent changes? Look no further than Vinyl wrap. Our wrapping services provide a full-service experience to our clients. From determining the ideal color, feel, and material to delivering the product, Tint Pros Plus ensures that you have the best vinyl wrapping experience possible!

  • Completely overhaul and transform the look of your vehicle
  • Seemless changes that are not permanent whatsoever
  • Professional install by Tint Pros Plus ensures the highest quality vinyl wrapping services

Interested In Vinyl Wrapping Services?

We’re the experts for you! Look no further than Tint Pros Plus to accomplish your automotive window tinting needs. We are fully licensed and insured.


Tint Pros Plus recently completed a full vinyl wrap on a 2019 Honda Civic. Our client was ready for a change-up and decided a matte-pearl white was the perfect color for his new import! Tint Pros Plus flawlessly executed this job, removing and reinstalling the necessary components in order to prevent peeling or vinyl failure. Our seamless installation resulted in a product comparable to a factory paint job. Our client could not have been more thrilled with this product that will last him years to come!

  • Full-color change to matte-pearl white
  • Professional removed and reinstalled the necessary body components in order to properly install the vinyl
  • Seemless install with no defects or sloppy installation techniques